Swimming hall is open from 10.8. onwards


Turku Swimming Hall is open for public swimming from Monday 10.8. onwards. The opening hours remain the same as before (http://en.turunuimahalli.palvelee.fi/new-schedules-for-2017).

Please note! Due to staff changes the women's swimming shift on Fridays is supervised by a male member of our staff. A female staff member will be present only on Mondays and Wednesdays this Fall.

The aqua training on Wednesdays is cancelled this Fall due to the changes in our staff. The aqua training course starts again in January 2021.

The aqua jogging with Riikka on Mondays continues on 31.8. at 18:00 - 18:45.


2/19/21Public swimming on a break until March 7
7/28/20Swimming hall is open from 10.8. onwards
6/26/20Swimming hall is on a summer break
5/12/20Swimming hall remains closed till summerbreak
12/4/19Holiday Season's opening hours
8/1/19We're open!
7/4/19Summer break 20.6-31.7
4/25/19Swimming hall closed on May Day eve and May Day
4/15/19Easter opening hours
4/8/19Swimming pool opens on Wednesday 10.4.

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